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Daily Management

NOTE: The following operations can only be performed by organization administrators. This is only applicable to a hosted, multi-tenant service.

After you login to Seafile, you can go to organization admin page by click Organization Admin

View System Info

In the Info page, you can view the system usage info, such as used space and active users.

View Statistics

In the Statistic page, you can view statistics on file operation, storage usage, active users, traffic. You can also export traffic and storage reports.

View Libraries

In the Libraries page, you can view all the libraries in this organizations and delete/transfer them.

View Operation Logs

In the Logs page, you can view user's operation logs, such as file access/update log and permission log.

Manage Devices

All connected devices from the users in the organization can be managed in this page. You can view access information of the devices, unlink devices. You can also check sync errors for desktop clients.

Manage Users

You can import/create/delete users, activate/deactivate users, reset users' login passwords, and set/unset normal users as administrators.

When you click the name of a user, you can manage this user's information. You can update user's profile, manage their libraries and shares.

Manage Groups

Like the user management interface, you can also view and manage groups.

Manage Organizational Hierarchy

In Departments page, you can manage the organizational structure for this organization. You can create departments and sub-departments. Each department can own some libraries. You can also edit member list for the departments.

First create a top department.

Then, enter the top department, you can create sub department, manage department members and libraries on demand.

You can view/delete share links created by users in this organization.