Installing Seafile Desktop Client

After downloading Seafile client program, you have 3 steps left to get it up and running.

1. Select a disk partition to store local Seafile data

Selecting a folder to store Seafile data

2. Add an account

Add an account on your private Seafile server or our public server.

Add account

3. Sync a library

  • Click the "Sync this library" button to sync it with a local folder.
  • Then you add some files into the library. They will be automatically synced with cloud platform.

Sync a library

4. (Optional) Create a library

You can also create a library from a local folder.

create library

create library

5. Browse files on the cloud

In some occasions, you want to modify files on the cloud directly without syncing them. Seafile client comes with a "cloud file browser" to meet this need. Click an unsynced library will open the cloud file browser.

Cloud file browser

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